36 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy week by week

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36 Weeks PregnantPregnancy week by week

This is the time that you been waiting for last many months. You may feel it has been forever that you are pregnant but you can start expecting onset of labor pains anytime during this week or in coming few weeks.

How is your baby growing?

Your baby is now gaining weight actively and each passing day is adding an ounce to her weight. By the end of this week, you baby weigh 6 pounds and have height of about 18.5 inches. As the time of your delivery is approaching, your baby is becoming more and more prepared for the outside environment. Your baby’s soft vernix caseosa that was providing her protection against the aqua environment of your womb is no more needed and that’s why your baby is getting rid of that. Moreover, your baby’s intestines are actively producing metabolic waste products in the form of meconium that is expelled from the fetal baby after birth.

Ideally it is recommended to let the pregnancy continue until the process of labor starts by its own. The ideal pregnancy or term duration is 37 weeks to 42 weeks.

How is your life changing?

Most women begin to get anxious and excited both at the same time. The last weeks are very busy in the life of pregnant women as a lot of planning regarding celebration to welcome your baby in the world continues; moreover your baby is so willing to come out of maternal body because her size has increased so much that the maternal womb seems insufficient for her. Moreover, your uterus is also preparing for delivery and you may experience many bouts of false labor pains that may mimic like true labor pains. You may be running frequently to hospitals thinking you are in labor.

This Week’s Activity:

This may be final week for you and your doctor may want to induce labor sometime during your 36th week. These special situations are:

  • Previous Cesarean section: With history of previous Cesarean section, it is recommended to induce early labor and delivery. This is due to risk of uterine rupture as a result of over-distension of uterus. However, all these decisions vary according to the overall health of pregnant woman and concurrence of other medical and physical issues.
  • Complicated pregnancy induced hypertension: Complicated pregnancy induced hypertension is also an indication for early delivery especially if PIH is followed by even one episode of eclampsia or pre-eclampsia (history of seizure of fits)
  • Diabetic mother: Diabetic mothers are more prone to give birth to large for date babies and if pregnancy is allowed to continue till 38 or more weeks, macrosomic babies will be difficult to be delivered by vaginal route.

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