Gestational diabetes: Tips for making daily glucose tests easier

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Gestational diabetes: Tips for making daily glucose tests easier

Gestational Diabetes refers to increased blood sugar levels during 2nd trimester of pregnancy in a previously normal woman. Gestational Diabetes is normally assessed at 26th week of pregnancy by calculating blood sugar levels at random. In case of abnormal tests, Glucose loading tests and oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) are used to confirm the diagnosis.

Gestational Diabetes increases the risk of a number of potential complications during pregnancy and thus, blood sugar levels have to be maintained by employing tips for making daily glucose tests easier and efficient. Complications that are seen in the babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes are:

  • Macrosomia that refer to a large sized baby due to accumulation of extra glucose in the body and osmotic swelling as a result of it.
  • Early onset of labor due to distension of the maternal uterus.
  • Increase chances of large Episiotomy or Cesarean section.
  • Fetal hypoglycemia after birth.

Gestational diabetes and Tips for making daily glucose tests easier:

Once the diagnosis of gestational diabetes has been confirmed, the next step is to monitor your diet and life style for a number of changes in order to avoid above complications from occurring. In order to successfully control your blood sugar levels, you need to tightly monitor your diet and avoid all dietary sources that are rich in direct glucose. Secondly make exercise your habit and finally check your blood sugar levels at least 2 to 3 times every day. If blood sugar levels are not maintained with exercise and dietary modification, you may have to see your doctor for some pharmacological intervention.

Following tips for making blood glucose testing may help you to a great extent in order to get ideal blood sugar levels.

  • Instead of going to a doctor every now and then, it is better to buy a blood glucose monitoring kit that can help you to monitor your blood sugar at home. One advantage of having a home kit is that you don’t have to run to doctors every time you have to check your blood sugar levels.
  • Home kit is very simple as all it requires is a digital machine and a testing strip. The best part of the machine is, it requires only half a drop of blood to successfully calculate the blood sugar levels.
  • Most machines require no assistant and patient can prick her finger by a lancet or needle and introducing the blood drop on testing strip when it is attached to machine and patient will get her stat blood sugar on the spot within 5 seconds.

Gestational diabetes: Tips for making daily glucose tests painless:

In order to make the process less painful, adopt a few simple tips like introducing lancet on your finger tip where it is least painful, wash your hands with warm water before testing and in case your prick was not strong enough to release a drop of blood, apply thumb pressure underneath the prick to promote flow of blood.




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