Postpartum Depression- A Killer for New Moms

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Postpartum Depression- A Killer for New Moms

Giving birth is followed by a tumult of emotions for the new mom. Most women undergo a variety of experiences and emotions when they become the first time mother. The postpartum depression paves way into the life of such moms.

What is Postpartum Depression and what are notable causes?

Postpartum Depression is generally seen within the first three months after birth or it could also start to show after a year. This is when mothers undergo the depressive phase; they need to understand everything about how it will go away because it is usual. During this depression, woman usually experience mood swings and majority of them are insomniac, which is both a triggers and sequelae for postpartum depression.

Most new mothers are unable to get enough sleep due to new born babies that require 24/7 attention and care. At times, they are just unable to find time for their daily life. Moreover, they are unable to balance their life while they are learning to get attuned to their baby’s needs. Most mothers also experience the loss of appetite and loss of interest in doing activities that they used to enjoy before the birth of the baby, because raising a new born is itself a full time job, giving very little time to moms to relax and get time for self. Postpartum Depression also manifest by loss of care of the surrounding environment, loss of self-grooming, sometimes, they are also crying about what has happened to them. They become extremely protective about their kids. They do not know how to stop themselves from worrying too much.

What can be done to overcome Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression does not happen to everyone. It usually affects the women who are already forced to worry about the tough schedules. If the environmental conditions that you are living in, if they are also stressful or if you belong to a nuclear family and you have to manage your in-laws which could be stressful especially when you have to manage your child with your in-laws. This is why postpartum depression is something you would like to become aware of because you are surely not willing to give your wife trouble. Then, help her adjust as she is going through a terrible phase and you need to comfort her by telling her that she will be able to pass this difficult phase successfully. Thus, just help her get over this troublesome phase by being her constant support.

Moreover, if you are a new mom, schedule your routine and activities before the birth of the baby by accommodating sometime for yourself. Do not restrain yourself from sleeping during daytime if you are not getting enough sleep at nights. Share responsibilities with your partner and make him spend time with you and the baby. By these simple tips you can definitely fight Postpartum Depression.


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