What is chemical Pregnancy?

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What is chemical Pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancy refers to a pregnancy in which conception occurs but fetal demise occurs before the period of viability could be approached, which is regarded as 24th week of gestation. Chemical pregnancy can also be technically called an extremely early miscarriage, which in most cases is before the arrival of regular menstrual period.

Chemical pregnancy is a form of very early detection of pregnancy by utilizing advanced technology and methods but it must be known that about 50 to 70% of all conceptions result in miscarriages or expulsions before a woman even miss her period. This high rate of expulsion of products of conceptions is due to following reason:

  • Chromosomal abnormalities:  More than half of the conceptions are expelled during the process of implantation or right after fertilization.
  • Genetic issues: Nature protects the human race by discarding products of conceptions that have genetic abnormalities or issues. This is mostly because products of conception (fertilization of one egg with 2 sperms or other related issues) lead to genetic aberration making a zygote incompetent to travel and implanted in uterus and thus shed with menstrual lining.
  • Uterine issues: In some cases, zygote is normal but there are issues in uterus that may be due to hormonal issues. Sometimes estrogen or hCG are insufficient to maintain corpus luteum or vascular tissue of uterine muscles leading to expulsion of fetus before implantation of before period of viability could be achieved. Pelvic inflammatory diseases and infections also lead to scarring of tube making it difficult for zygote to transverse tubes to get implanted in uterus.

What are the negative aspects of Chemical pregnancy?

At times, people want to know if they are pregnant or not and that’s why rely onto different methods and techniques to identify the pregnancy. One of this is beta human chorionic gonadotropin levels in the blood that are apparent by third week of ovarian cycle (a week before the scheduled menstrual cycle). However, in many circumstances implantation does not occur or is lost before fetal development could begin. All these features evoke the feeling of despair and depression among women and so must be avoided.

Positive Aspects of Chemical pregnancy:

It is always good to know what problems you are suffering from in order to start the early treatment. It is important to know if you are having recurrent chemical pregnancies in order to start the work-up, identify the cause of chemical pregnancy and begin the treatment. A number of potential treatment options are Vitamin supplementation, Progestrone prescription until the pregnancy has well advanced in second trimester, where placenta took over the function of corpus luteum. Moreover another cause of recurrent chemical pregnancies is Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome for which appropriate therapy must be started in time to control the issue and sort out the problem.



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